Self-driving Panel Discussion: The ‘New Safe’ in Self-driving

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

Redefining what safe driving means and what’s needed next

While the topic of self-driving continues to dominate headlines and lead car manufacturers to invest heavily in a bid to become the first major provider, the path from investment to wide scale implementation remains nebulous. At the core, we’re still concerned about what self-driving actually entails, and questions concerning safety, mobility, and autonomy arise.

For self-driving to be actualized, several factors need to be taken into consideration, beginning with connectivity and reliability. As 5G  technology spreads, questions surrounding how to account for blips in connectivity inevitably come up. Can currently available technologies really anticipate hazards ahead, both small and big? If so, how do we create systems by which self-driving cars will know how to make choices — and what kind of choices to make? What does a safe self-driving experience in the next 10 years realistically look like? Underpinning these are also ethical considerations one can’t ignore in the conversation.

GABC and the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce New England invited guests to a lively panel discussion comprised of diverse industry and thought leaders in autonomous vehicles. Discussions centered on the most cutting edge developments in self-driving, the important points we need to understand to form educated opinions on the topic ourselves, and our role as both observers and future passengers.


  • Karl Iagnemma, CEO of nuTonomy, which was acquired by Delphi for $400 million. Iagnemma is a MIT researcher and published short story author
  • Heidi Wyle, CEO of Venti Technologies, an MIT spin-off and stealth-mode startup focused on China-US market. Wyle has a strong background in building successful biotech companies. The focus is safety first.
  • Alex Wyglinski is President of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. He is a renowned expert in wireless technologies and connected cars
  • P-O Johannesson, CEO of TerraNet, which provides companies with smarter solutions for intelligent communication and connectivity between devices
  • Bryan Reimer, PhD,  Research Associate at MIT AgeLab and Associate Director of The New England University Transportation Center at MIT

GABC Executive Director Marian LeMay at partner event with SACC-NE. Photo credit Anna Persson, SACC-NE

Karl Iagnemma, CEO of Nutonomy and Heidi Wyle, CEO of Venti Technologies. Photo: M. LeMay, GABC

Panelists and Moderator. Photo credit M.LeMay/GABC

Heidi Wyle, CEO, Venti Technologies | P-O Johannesson, CEO of TerraNet | Christina Bergstrom, SACC-NE Photo: M.LeMay, GABC

Photo credit: Anna Persson, SACC-NE

Photo: Anna Persson, SACC-NE

Marian LeMay (Exec. Dir. of GABC), Alex Wyglinski (President of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society), Bryan Reimer, PhD, (Associate Director of The New England University Transportation Center at MIT), Heidi Wyle, (CEO of Venti Technologies), P-O Johannesson (CEO of TerraNet), Karl Iagnemma (CEO of nuTonomy) and Christina Björnström (President, SACC-NE). Photo: Anna Persson, SACC-NE

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 from 6:30PM – 8:00PM

CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center)
101 Main Street, 14th floor
Cambridge, MA
CIC is located on the 14th and 15th floors at 101 Main, as well as multiple floors at One Broadway (the buildings are connected). The main reception for CIC is on the 14th floor at One Broadway and also on the 14th floor at 101 Main.

$20 Non-Members / $10 GABC Members

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Public Trans:
Take the Red Line to the Kendall Square/MIT stop. Exit the T and turn until you are facing the Longfellow Bridge. Walk toward the bridge and look to your left. One Broadway is the tall, gray cement building with vertical windows. Our main reception is on the 14th floor. 101 Main is a little closer to the bridge; it is a large red brick building. Reception is on the 14th floor.

Metered street parking, Kendall Street garage and Marriott Hotel garage.

This is a Partner Event with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce