YP Steering Committee 2018-2019

Anne Fassl, PhD, Chair

Anne is a postdoctoral research fellow in Cancer Biology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. She studied Biology at the University of Leipzig, Germany and obtained her PhD from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Her research investigates the impact of intratumoral heterogeneity on therapy resistance in metastatic breast cancer and is based on single-cell analyses using mass cytometry, or CyTOF. Her work aims to elucidate subpopulations of breast tumor cells mediating resistance to standard therapy and to identify their mechanisms of resistance. Anne is a founding member of the GABC YP Group, and has (co)organized several events for the YPs.

Susanna Bächle, PhD, Vice Chair
Susanna is a German scientist with study/work experience from Australia (Flinders University), Germany (B.Sc from Georg-August-University, Göttingen) and Sweden (M.Sc and PhD in Medical Science from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm). Susanna is an active member of the MIT European Club and was a co-organizer for this year’s European Career Fair. She currently works as Outreach Scientist for Addgene. Prior to this, she worked in Business Development for Olink Proteomics where she provided market research analysis of the US and European biotech and pharma space, sales support, and assistance in both opportunity assessment and strategic decisions for US market entry.

Romy Wichmann, PhD, Secretary

Romy is a Research Scientist at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT. Her research tries to elucidate the role of the dopaminergic system in social interaction in health and disease. With this she hopes to deepen the understanding of the neural underpinnings of basic social behaviors. She obtained her PhD at the University of Groningen after completing her Master of Science in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Marburg. Romy is a founding member of the YP Group and has served as Secretary of the YP Steering Committee since February 2017. She also serves on the YP Mentoring Committee.

Anneke Kramm, PhD
Anneke is working as Clinical Outreach Manager for the Cancer Cell Line Factory at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. She serves as the key liaison in collaborations between scientists, clinicians, funders, and patients. Anneke is a native German and earned her Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from the University of Oxford, UK. Drawing on her experience as both mentee and mentor in the past, she is the driving force behind GABC’s new Mentoring Program. Anneke is also a member of the GABC Board of Directors and a founding member and former co-chair of GABC’s Young Professionals group.

Cornelia Kroeger, PhD

Cornelia is the program director of the German Accelerator Life Sciences (“GALS”) in the U.S. which helps young German life science companies succeed in the global market by providing individualized services, tailored towards the specific needs and objectives of startups. Cornelia obtained a degree in Biology from Heidelberg University in 2005 after completing her Master’s thesis in cancer research in Australia and received her doctoral degree from Bonn University. She is also member of the GABC Board of Directors and founding member and former co-chair of GABC’s Young Professionals group. Cornelia continues her work on the YP Mentoring Committee.

Michael Prokle, PhD
Michael works as Data Scientist on health care topics at Philips Research North America. He was introduced to GABC while serving as part of the GAIN Network advisory board. Born and raised in the Black Forest, Germany, he started his Diplom degree in Business Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm where he graduated in 2012. He received an M.S. in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2010 and graduated with a PhD degree in the same field in 2017. Throughout his PhD studies Michael worked in close collaboration with industry on supply chain, business analytics, and data science topics.

Advisory Steering Committee Members

Angelo Moesslang, PhD
CEO of InGeneron, Inc.
Angelo is a commercially focused senior healthcare executive with 20 years of progressive worldwide leadership experience, working and living in Europe, Asia-Pacific, U.S. and Latin America. He is currently the CEO of InGeneron, Inc., a multinational regenerative medicine and biotechnology company formed to innovate cell-based technologies, operating in the U.S. and Europe. Prior to joining InGeneron, Angelo was CFO of Fresenius Medical Care North America Holdings.

Scott Smith
Product Manager, Allied Vision Corporation
Scott Smith is an internationally experienced leader in cross-functional technology development and professional services. Having lived also in Canada and Germany, he is fluent in German and committed to trusted-advisor customer relationships. Allied Vision is the major driver of the vision “core technology” component of the TKH Group.