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GABC Young Professionals Mentoring Program

The GABC YP Mentoring Program brings together young and experienced professionals in purposeful, mutually rewarding relationships. The mentoring relationship is built on mutual trust, respect and communication, and involves engagement of both parties in exchanging ideas, discussing progress and setting goals for further development. We are now actively recruiting interested mentors and accepting mentee applications.  For further information or questions please email

MENTOR Application Form HERE.

MENTEE Application Form HERE.


GABC Young Professionals’ Mentoring Program is operated on a volunteer basis depending on the time constraints of the mentor and the mentee.  The mentor and the mentee will jointly determine, and be solely responsible for scheduling, content, and all aspects of the mentorship. The GABC YP created the overall structure of this program. However, GABC YP and its Committee does not warrant or accept responsibility for the delivery, quality or content of any mentoring provided by a mentor, nor for any consequences of the giving or absence of such service. All parties involved in any mentoring relationship arising from this program acknowledge and agree that all aspects of such relationship are solely under their control, and they hereby waive any claims they may have against GABC YP, its officers, members, or affiliates.