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GABC Young Professionals Group

In the summer of 2016, GABC leadership met with interested GABC members to found the GABC Young Professionals Group (GABC YP).  The mission of GABC YP is to connect and empower young professionals through social and business networking opportunities in the German-American community of Boston and beyond. It is open to all students, recent grads, postdocs, interested mentors, and any members at the early stages of their careers.

As a priority right from the start, GABC YP also initiated a new Mentoring Program which brings together young and experienced professionals in purposeful, mutually rewarding relationships. The mentoring relationship is built on mutual trust, respect and communication, and involves engagement of both parties in exchanging ideas, discussing progress and setting goals for further development.

In addition to the Mentoring Program, the GABC YP organizes events that speak to their unique needs. These events are organized and hosted by members of the GABC YP Steering Committee, with support from GABC leadership, GABC members, the German Consulate General Boston, and members of the German-American professional community.

Why Join GABC YP?  Six good reasons…

  1. Because GABC YP have formed their own steering committee to organize events, programs and speakers that are important to THEM.  You have an opportunity to join this new group and have a say in the direction of the group.
  1. Because the German-American Business Council (GABC) has been around in various forms for almost 30 years and we have trusted relationships with executives, government officials, and decision-makers at high levels.  No doubt, it could enrich and benefit your professional life to have access to these folks, both professionally and socially.
  1. Because members of GABC YP have decided that one of the things they want MOST from GABC YP is a mentorship program.  We listened. In November 2016, GABC started a mentoring program—but it is only open to GABC members.
  1. Because GABC is full of interesting, intelligent people who get what it’s like to have your heart in one country, and your feet in another….to move fluidly between cultures… to be open to new friends, new ideas, and new experiences.  These could be your new friends, partners, and colleagues.
  1. Because the YP are always busy organizing new social and business events, including private events just for members.
  1. Because GABC has just introduced a reduced membership rate for Students, Postdocs and Recent Graduates at $90/year   ($150 regular rate)

Would you like to contact us? Send us an email at

Ja!  I’m ready to join GABC and start attending GABC YP events!