Navigating the AI Era: Transforming Higher Education & Talent Acquisition

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Delve into crucial aspects and complexities of artificial intelligence in higher education and talent acquisition.

  • How can artificial intelligence enhance the learning experience in higher education institutions, and what are the potential challenges in integrating AI technologies into existing educational frameworks?
  • In what ways can businesses align their recruitment programs with their AI strategies to address digital skills shortages and cultivate a workforce prepared for the demands of the future?
  • What role do alternative pathways, such as apprenticeship programs, play in providing access to tech talent and bridging the gap between traditional education and industry demands in the context of AI implementation?

Jim Chilton, Chief Technology Officer at Cengage and Kyle McAlice, Senior Program Director at Apprenti will explore the multifaceted landscape of AI implementation in academia and its implications for talent acquisition strategies in businesses.

From innovative learning methodologies empowered by AI to aligning recruitment programs with the evolving demands of the digital landscape, we’ll explore the intricate interplay between education and industry.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and perspectives on shaping the future of education and workforce recruitment in the age of AI.

DateTuesday, May 7, 2024 due to unforseen scheduling conflicts, this event will be rescheduled.
Time: 6pm – 8pm Panel Discussion, followed by networking cocktail
Location: Hult International Business School, 1 Education Street, Cambridge
Registration:  Currently closed  (event will be rescheduled)

Jim Chilton, Chief Technology Officer, Cengage

Photo Credit: Cengage

Jim Chilton currently serves as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Cengage Group, one of the largest global education technology companies in the world. In this role, Jim is focused on driving innovation throughout the company and creating alignment across leadership to understand, shape and deliver what is needed from the Group Technology organization. Additionally, Jim is responsible for overseeing all internal business systems, as well as system infrastructure, cybersecurity and technology risk, architecture and portfolio management.  Jim is a seasoned technology and business executive with an extensive background and deep expertise in technology optimization from technical product engineering to business systems management, process management, cybersecurity and customer support. Prior to joining Cengage Group, Jim held executive leadership positions at a broad range of companies in the enterprise software, high tech and education industries including Dassault Systèmes and SolidWorks.

He holds an MBA from New Hampshire College (now part of Southern New Hampshire University) and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Franklin Pierce University. Jim received the 2020 Inspire CIO of the Year/Boston ORBIE award and was a finalist for the prestigious National InspireCIO of the Year ORBIE Award for 2021.

Kyle McAlice, Senior Program Director of Operations, Apprenti

Kyle McAlice is Senior Program Director of Operations at Apprenti, the first nationally registered tech apprenticeship program creating alternative pathways to access tech talent and help organizations address digital skills shortages. Kyle is an experienced operations leader, and oversees the end-to-end implementation of Apprenti programs. With a background in educational program development and market research – both in higher education and workforce development – he approaches every partnership opportunity with an eye for innovation, ensuring that Apprenti programs are demand driven and solve key issues related to diversity in tech and closing the skills gap. As a proud Army officer, he is passionate about assisting the veteran community through work, volunteering, and career development mentorship. Residing in Massachusetts, Kyle joined Apprenti in 2021 after holding key roles at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and in the manufacturing sector.

Organized by: FACCNE HR Forum and German-American Business Council of Boston