GBANE 2018: 24th Annual International Business Forum & Networking Evening

Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018

We were honored to have Mayor Martin J. Walsh give the opening remarks at this annual event which attracts New England companies involved in international business. Sessions this year focused on cyber security and how to protect your company.The evening also featured a networking reception where guests could explore the many international trade associations and government agencies presenting informative exhibits. This is an excellent event for meeting corporate executives and other professionals interested in world trade, while learning about the vast resources available to help your company’s international business.

Part 1.   Economic Update with Martin J. Walsh, Mayor of Boston (pictured below)

German Deputy Consul General Helmut Landes

Mayor Marty Walsh addressing guests at GBANE 2018. Photo: David Fox Photogrphy

Susan Glovsky (GABC Board of Directors), Marian Menzel LeMay (GABC Executive Director) and members at GBANE 2018

Part 2.   Interactive Cyber Forum / #GBANECyber

Understanding cyber risk in the 21st century: from nation state hackers to EU regulators. This will be an interactive forum with attendees encouraged to engage on social media : #GBANECyber

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t read of damaging cyber attacks against our homes, businesses and government agencies. Sophisticated, transnational cyber criminal hacking groups troll for sensitive data they can fence on underground ‘dark markets.’ Quasi military hacking outfits affiliated with the military or intelligence services in nations like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea probe the networks of financial institutions, critical infrastructure operators and defense contractors in search of secrets and footholds.

The stakes for our complex, technology dependent economies could not be higher. Ten years ago, hacked firms counted lost data and hampered productivity as the most likely consequences of a cyber attack. Today, malware with names like WannaCry and Mirai can literally put firms out of business: cutting them off from the Internet or wiping out critical systems and data to bring even sophisticated organizations to their knees.

What can be done to defend against these modern threats? If cyber attacks are now less a matter of “if” than of “when,” what are the threats worth paying attention to? What defenses provide the best value for the dollar (or Pound or Euro or Bitcoin)? What is the best way to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the IT systems and data that run your business? What new regulations loom on the horizon?

Cyber Forum Presentations and Speakers
  • Welcome by Peter Pound, Partner, Morgan Lewis
  • Introduction by Ezra Church, Partner, Morgan Lewis
  •  “NotPetya’s Collateral Damage: how leading firms wound up as accidental victims of a nation-state attack” with Paul Roberts, Editor in Chief, The Security Ledger
  • “GDPR: Like it or not, European Citizens are getting rights to govern to the privacy of their personal information” with Dean Evans, Satori Consulting, Supporting Sponsor

Part 3. Networking reception with sponsors, associations and agencies dealing with international trade

MORGAN, LEWIS & BOCKIUS LLP One Federal Street, Boston MA
Parking is available at garage under building, at own cost. Parking also at Post Office Square Garage at reduced price after 4pm. Picture ID is required for entry into the One Federal Street building. Public Transportation – South Station & State Street T stops.

Cost: $45