Industrial Storytelling

Thursday, Mar 16, 2023

Tips & Tricks To Explain Complex Things In A More Comprehensible Way

Germany is known for its deep roots and successes in industrial engineering and technological innovation, but how to talk about it, that is a whole other story!

Yes, story. What do we mean by that?

It can be challenging to effectively and plausibly communicate research, product ideas and designs, or even your own skills to nontechnical managers in your company, or to industry stakeholders. You may need to translate your work and expertise into more accessible language, and demonstrate how it can be applied to the company’s specific needs and goals. It may also be necessary to highlight the value and potential of your work to decisionmakers.

Story telling training can help to overcome these challenges. With frameworks, canvases and other useful tools we teach how to translate your work and skills into more accessible language, demonstrate its practical applications and potential impact on the company, and highlight its value to decisionmakers.

This interactive one-hour session will present a few concepts and tools available in industrial storytelling, highlight tips & tricks, present examples from working with clients in Germany, and most importantly, also engage you in some practical exercise. Have a pen ready! (we will bring a few of these old school devices as well).

Date:      Thursday, March 16th, 2023
Time:      6:30PM Check-in
6:45 PM to 7:45PM Interactive Presentation + Q&A
Location: Venture Lane, 55 Court Street, Boston
Admission: Free for GABC members | $20 non-member

Followed by networking and refreshments.


Jakob Scheitza, Head of Industrial Storytelling, FACTS + STORIES, Hamburg (Germany)

Jakob is Head of Industrial Storytelling at FACTS + STORIES, a Hamburg-based Strategic Marketing Agency For Brand and Product Innovation. He is an industrial engineer with experience as a senior business development manager in the electronics manufacturing industry who discovered the power of storytelling initially as a client. He is trained in Design Thinking and completed the Thought Leadership Writing Incubator Program (through “Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs”) and now brings his enthusiasm for the “Super Power” of Storytelling concepts to a variety of well-known companies and brands through workshops and creative tool development.



These event is part of the “Career Development” series organized by the GABC Young Professionals and is open to GABC Members and Non-Members alike.