International Women’s Day!

Tuesday, Mar 8, 2022

We can’t wait to meet again in person!

As COVID numbers are going down, we hope that you, and especially our valued female members and friends, are ready to go out! We are planning a fun night out at “Carrie Nation“, the iconic cocktail bar on Beacon Hill, in honor of International Women’s Day.

Date: Tuesday, March 8th 2022
Time: 6PM to 7PM for the official hour, but we can stay longer!
Ticket: $25/member $40/ non-member
includes: one drink (wine/beer) and finger food

We were able to secure a very cool private room at Carrie Nation. Yes, we know a glass of something and some finger food may not be filling. Everyone can order additional food or even stay for dinner (at own cost). If you would like to stay for dinner, please let us know so we can make approximate reservations.

Come join us and our friends from the French-American Chamber of Commerce in New England to celebrate!