Networking 101 – How I Landed My Job

Thursday, Feb 27, 2020

This event is part of the GABC Young Professionals’ Career Building Series and hosted at Kaplan International at Harvard Square. Come learn about what it takes to successfully network, what tactics you can deploy and practice a few opening lines. Are you a scientist who would like to make the jump into the business world? Are you a young graduate who is looking into how to find your career path or someone who would like to make a career change?

Leading through the evening will be Dr. Annick Bay, Program Director at Advise Connect Inspire LLC who will draw from her own experience as well as from previous engagements on this topic with the Harvard Students, Spouses and Partners Association.


About Annick Bay

Annick Bay, Ph.D. is Program Director at Advise Connect Inspire where she supports European life sciences companies to scale in the U.S. and globally. She also volunteers as a career group leader in the Harvard Students Spouses and Partners Association (HSSPA) where she regularly organizes and leads career oriented events. She is originally from the German-speaking community of Belgium. During her PhD and postdoc in Physics, she studied the light propagation in living organisms, such as fireflies and iridescent algae. She transitioned into Management Consulting in 2016 to gain another point of view on how the world works. Annick understands the challenges of changing fields and positioning yourself to leverage previous experiences in finding a new career path.

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