The Ripple #5

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021

The Ripple is a one-of-a-kind initiative to put your online networking into hyperdrive and to build meaningful, reverberating relationships. After four wildly successful editions, The Ripple is back on September 14th!

The Ripple is a virtual networking event where the goal is to create hundreds of new connections amongst shared business communities and launch a ripple of new opportunities. This is an initiative of 20 international business organizations.

Each participants can set up up to 12 one-on-one virtual meetings of 12 minutes with other individuals to discuss a mutually beneficial topic.

Date: Tuesday, September 14th, 2021
Time: 12pm to 2.30pm EDT
Format: Speednetworking (schedule up to 12 one-on-one 12 minute video calls)
Location: Online
Platform: Conversation Starter
Cost: Complimentary

Step 1: Now

  • Register now via our form
  • Registration is free
  • Add a calendar entry

Step 2: 

  • You will receive a link to Conversation Starter where you:
  • Create your profile (if you have participated in The Ripple before, your profile is still there)
  • Highlight your expertise (#offer), share your requests (#ask) for collaboration, as well as flag topics that you would like to connect on.

Step 3: Leading up to the event

  • Browse profiles and
  • Send invitations for 12-minute video calls on the Conversation Starter portal

Step 4: The day of the event (Sep 14)

  • Connect with your new contacts on Conversation Starter per video call

Register via the Link below


9-11.30am PT | 12-2.30pm EDT | 6-8.30pm CET:

  • One-on-one networking
  • up to 12 meetings of 12 minutes
  • scheduled and customized by each participant