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Wolfgang Mueller, Fractional CFO
ESG Business Advisors
340 Harvard Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone:  3477751718
Mobile: 3477751718

Public Information

Wolfgang Mueller is a German national, based in Cambridge, MA. He started his career as a finance consultant in a German government financed development aid project in post-communist Albania in the 90s. In 1998 he joined the Swiss Blue chip Geberit and rose to the position of Chief Corporate Controller, reporting to the Group CFO. After a three-year appointment as Head of Marketing and Product Management in Geberit's $300m Swiss market, he moved to the United States and joined DDD, a renowned professional services and workforce development organization, employing 1,000+ staff across multiple locations in the US, Cambodia, Laos and Kenya. Since 2021, Wolfgang has served various start-ups and mature for-profit and non-profit organizations as a fractional and interim CFO. Wolfgang has a B.Sc. degree in business administration from the European School of Business in Reutlingen (Germany) and the NEOMA Business School in Reims (France) and a M.Sc. in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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