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Members beginning with C

Charles Cameron

Charles Cameron | Cooley, LLP

Charlie Cameron is a seasoned business professional at Cooley LLP with two decades of helping technology companies in all industries on their growth and financing strategies. He serves as a Senior Vice President of Business Development and is resident in Cooley’s Boston office. Charlie’s background includes over 20 years of...

Annette Clement | Furnished Quarters

Furnished Quarters is the largest provider of fully furnished and serviced apartments here in the Greater Boston Area as well as NYC, CT, NJ, White Plains and across the United States. Your Connection to Germany Furnished Quarters has a relationship with the Consulate for the Federal Republic of Germany here...

Kevin Coffey | Bajan Waters

Kevin leads Bajan Waters, a consultancy helping companies expand their North American business via acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and refined marketing positioning. Previously, Kevin served at President of Hottinger Baldwin Measurements, Inc. (2007-2019), the Americas arm of a Germany-based technology and market leader offering a wide variety of products and services...

Nicole Connolly

Nicole Connolly | Photo Fabulous You

My name is Nicole and I'm the owner of Photo Fabulous You where we, in a nutshell, "Help making you a SUPERSTAR on LinkedIn". We are located in Westborough, MA but travel quite a bit for our clients as we do most of our work onsite. We have done work...