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Members beginning with P

Jorg Pappert | COMPIRICUS Inc.

Jörg Pappert is a Managing Director of COMPIRICUS GmbH with headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany and CEO and President of COMPIRICUS Inc. with headquarters in Boston, MA. COMPIRICUS is an international leading SAP Service Partner and SAP Application Development Partner for Finance, Treasury, Asset and Risk Management. Our special focus is...

Erik Pelletier

Erik Pelletier | Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Erik Pelletier is a Financial Advisor with the Carcieri & Bock Group at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Erik brings his years of international industry experience within Science, Engineering and Manufacturing to provide thoughtful, objective and thorough financial analysis and planning to meet the financial goals of clients. He incorporates the...

Nick Petri | Device Technologies Inc

Device Technologies (DTI) is a manufacturer of specialty performance protection products used in electronic systems across numerous industries from automotive, aerospace and transportation to HVAC, medical and telecommunications. Our product design paradigm is to lower installed costs and increase productivity. These benefits have been recognized by OEM's worldwide for over...

Udo Plocher | UPC Evolutions

Services provided by UPC Evolutions: Consulting and Advisory for Business Development, including Industrial Engineering, Employee Development and Quality Management, focused on Medical Device Manufacturing and Supply Industries. Highly diversified background and thorough experience in the field of medical device manufacturing and service. Passionate about supporting startups and established businesses within...

Andrew Powell | Casco Bay Molding.

I own Casco Bay Molding a vertically integrated, FDA registered, ISO certified medical device product design, development and manufacturing company specializing in in LSR (liquid silicone rubber) and thermoplastic injection molding. I am interesting discussing new medical device projects requiring design, DFM and US automated manufacturing cell production, at our...