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Members beginning with P

Jorg Pappert | COMPIRICUS Inc.

Jörg Pappert is a Member of the Board at COMPIRICUS AG with headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany and CEO and President of COMPIRICUS Inc. with headquarters in Boston, MA. COMPIRICUS is an international leading SAP Service Partner and SAP Application Development Partner for Finance, Treasury, Asset and Risk Management. Our special...

Annette Pein, Ph.D. | German Saturday School Boston

The German Saturday School Boston of the Boylston Schul-Verein is one of the oldest and largest German Saturday schools in the United States, tracing its founding back to 1874. Its mission is to teach the German language, to introduce the cultures of German-speaking countries to students age 4 to 17,...

Nick Petri | Device Technologies Inc

Device Technologies (DTI) is a manufacturer of specialty performance protection products used in electronic systems across numerous industries from automotive, aerospace and transportation to HVAC, medical and telecommunications. Our product design paradigm is to lower installed costs and increase productivity. These benefits have been recognized by OEM's worldwide for over...